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Static Cling Decals

Static Cling Decals are a great alternative to campaign bumper stickers since they leave absolutely no residue.  This campaign product has become a popular choice for all candidates from school board to presidential campaigns.

Of course, there are some things to keep in mind in regards to static cling decals.

Typically static cling decals are designed to go on the inside of a car window displaying the graphic to the outside.  These static cling decals are referred to as static cling on the face or front. Dark windows commonly found on SUVs and minivans will not allow the cling to be seen.

Some campaigns will order static cling decals that have the static on the face as earlier discussed as well as static on the back.  These are designed to go on the outside of a car.

That will allow supporters with dark windows the ability to use them.  However, their design is to affix themselves with static charge and the force of air and nature will eventually cause them to fall off.

Campaign on Static Cling from

Additionally, static cling decals are made of transparent vinyl, when used on inside windows, which creates a design issue. Unlike bumper stickers, which are made of a white material, the white needed to make the static cling imprint pop will have to be added.  So when you are used to ordering 2 color products for your red, white, and blue election materials, you will need to order 3 color static cling decals to accomplish the same design.  Although adding an additional cost, including white in your design is crucial for getting a good, visible design.  Static cling decals with static on back are also available in a white material so you do not have to factor the additional 3rd color into your budget.

Increasingly popular, static cling decals may be what you need for your supporters who simply will not put a bumper sticker on their car.  That movable car advertisement is important and may be worth the additional costs involved in adding static cling decals to your campaign materials.

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