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 Car Campaign Advertising
btn campaign materials Bumper Stickers for your Campaign Static Cling effective alternative to Bumper Stickers Campaigning with Car Magnets


Three of the most popular campaign materials used to advertise on cars are bumper stickers, static cling decals, and magnets.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.  Many campaigns will opt for buying more than one of the items to suit the needs of a broader base of campaign supporters.

Bumper Stickers are the traditional campaign product used by campaigns for decades. Campaign Bumper Stickers are the most economical and can be produced in the quickest production time. Therefore, campaign bumper stickers are the popular choice for advertisements on cars. However, many supporters are not willing to put bumper stickers on their cars even with the new removable vinyl varieties popular today.

Static Cling Decals are quickly rising in popularity. Supporters do not have to worry about messing up their cars with these. Of course, these are more expensive than bumper stickers, take longer to produce and are not visible on tinted windows like minivans and SUVs.


Car Campaign Advertisement

Election Car Advertisement

Car Magnets are becoming increasingly popular as well. Campaign car magnets are available in the larger size that you would put on the door of your cars and smaller 6” circle size for the rear of cars. The cost of the larger magnets precludes them being used by anyone except the inner campaign circle and core supporters.  The smaller sizes are great for general campaign supporters that would typically have been given bumper stickers.  The shape is noticeable and will turn heads but the price is, of course, more than bumper stickers.

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