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  How to Prepare a Yard Sign

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The Basics of a Campaign Yard Sign

 The most important factor in designing your signs is getting your name noticeable and visible to voters.

Keep in mind that the information on the sign has to be seen clearly in a couple of seconds as voters will be whizzing by your yard signs in their cars.

Common information on signs include:  last name, first name, nickname, the office for the campaign, “vote” or “elect”, a slogan, a picture, election date, and a disclaimer if required. Of course, too much on one sign can result in a jumbled mess.

Making your name the focus of your sign is best; with your last name being bold and largest with your first name prominent as well.  Put your nickname on your sign if you are best known by that name. Although, if you go by a nickname and the name on the ballot is different, it would be wise to make sure the ballot name is prominent on the sign along with your nickname. Be careful not to cram too much text on your sign, as it will cause the reader not to look at any of the information provided. Make sure to use a font that is easy to read, and that the text is large enough to easily read.

The language used on your sign is an important factor. Use “re-elect” if you are running as the incumbent.  Most of the time, you can only be helped by stating your experience in the job with “re-elect.”  “Retain” is a great word to use if you were appointed and are now seeking election to the post.

Good Example
The basic preparation for Yard Sign Design

What not to do

Slogans are great for campaigns but your yard signs will be too small to allow for slogans.  Larger signs and your campaign handouts would be a better place for your slogan.

However, putting the date of an election on your sign might be important if it is a special election and not highly publicized.  The down side to putting a date on your sign is that you will not be able to reuse them.

Pictures are traditions in some areas. If you decide to put a photo on your signs, the cost will most likely increase. Likewise, full color signs cost more. For this reason, most campaigns use one color or two colors.

Visit for examples of yard signs in the Design Idea Gallery.

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