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Campaign Bumper Stickers

Traditionally, political bumper stickers are the most popular campaign giveaway. Candidates can easily hand these out at events or stick them in envelopes with their “thank you for donating” letters.

Many of your supporters are quite happy putting a bumper sticker on their car to show their support for your candidacy.  You can count on your message reaching thousands of voters as your supporters drive through town on their commutes to work and run errands.

Designing a bumper sticker is simple and amounts to tweaking your campaign sign to accommodate the dimensions of a bumper sticker.  The traditional bumper sticker size is 3”x11.5”, which is a good choice for candidates with a long name or candidates looking to use a slogan.  An increasingly more popular size is 3.75”x7.5” because its dimensions lend itself more easily to converting a campaign yard sign design. There are many options including ovals and even large sizes.

Stretching your yard sign onto a 3”x11.5” bumper sticker may lead to distortion that will make your name hard to read.

You will find some supporters are reluctant to put bumper stickers on their cars nowadays.  Removable vinyl bumper stickers are fairly standard for political campaigns.

Campaign with Bumper Sticker
Bumper Sticker Designs

Removable vinyl allows supporters to be able to remove the sticker in one piece should the bumper sticker only have been on a car for the election cycle.  You probably will find some of sticky residue will stay on. The technology is far different than the days of paper stickers that came off in pieces.

Campaign bumper stickers are still a campaign must have.

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