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 Car Campaign Advertising
btn campaign materials Bumper Stickers for your Campaign Static Cling effective alternative to Bumper Stickers Campaigning with Car Magnets

Campaign Car Magnets

The campaign car magnet is another alternative for supporters unwilling to put a bumper sticker on their cars.

The two options available are a large (typically 12”x18”) magnet and a smaller (typically about a 6” circle) magnet.  Each type suits a different group within your campaign.

The larger 12”x18” campaign car magnet is perfect for the candidate’s car as well as the inner circle of staff and supporters.  Around town, the campaign car magnet will be viewed by many voters and will be a great advertisement for your campaign.  Use these on cars as you campaign door to door in neighborhoods handing out door hangers.

Since these are magnets, you can move them from car to car.  Going to be in a parade?  You can use campaign car magnets for the car and remove them with no problem.

The smaller format 6” circle car magnet is a great campaign giveaway that is new and will get many supporters to display.  The 6” soccer balls you see all over parents’ cars are fun and you can bring that fun into your political campaign. 

Campaign Car Magnet

These are not inexpensive but folks will use them, so you are not wasting your campaign budget on an item like this.

Campaign car magnets are another great alternative to campaign bumper stickers.

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