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Campaign Slogans

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Let us help you with campaign slogans.

We have put together a list of more than 200 great election slogans arranged in seven different popular campaign theme categories to help your campaign. Whether you are running a sheriff campaign or a school board election campaign or a county commissioner campaign, we can help with some great campaign slogans.

Once you've found the perfect political campaign slogan, let the experts at help you put it to use! They have everything your campaign needs and friendly experts are available to help you with any design questions you may have about your campaign materials. Good luck, and happy campaigning!

Slogan Categories
Change, Results, Future Proven Leadership Experience, Trust
Town, Community Choice, Vote, Elect School/Law Enforcement
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Change, Results, Future Top

These political campaign slogans inspire hope for the future, promise results and offer change.

  1. Making the world a better place
  2. Taking action, getting results
  3. Results with resolve
  4. You want great results, (Name) wants great resolve
  5. You will find more change with (Name) for (Office) than in your pocket
  6. (Name) for (office) He/She is eager to work, your eager for results
  7. (Name) managing the future
  8. The choice for better change.
  9. Breaking barriers, building a future
  10. Education makes options. (Name) makes results
  11. A fresh start
  12. A new voice
  13. A New vision
  14. New leadership
  15. Seek something better
  16. Tomorrow is looking great
  17. A new brand of politics
  18. A new vision for (Name) County
  19. Securing our future
  20. Vote for tomorrow
  21. Hope for tomorrow
  22. The choice for change
  23. Progress you know
  24. Building for the future
  25. Building a brighter tomorrow
  26. The right direction
  27. Time for change
  28. Create change
  29. Vote for the future now
  30. The change we need.  The voice we deserve.
  31. The new game in town
  32. New vision. New Direction
  33. Managing the future
  34. For the future
  35. It’s time for progress
  36. Expect more
  37. A fresh face, a fresh start
  38. Our Future is Green

Leadership Top

These campaign election slogans show your voters your strong leadership sensibility.

  1. Predestined to lead
  2. A leader with results
  3. Elect Leadership, Elect a better (office), Elect (Name)
  4. Leadership, experience, and values means something
  5. Getting me elected means getting leadership, experience and honesty
  6. Vote (name) for (office) because strong leadership means a secure future
  7. (Name) effective, balanced, reasoned leadership
  8. Elect (name) it’s time for a new generation of leaders to stand up
  9. Elect (name) a good leader must be a great servant
  10. Elect (name) leadership for all the people
  11. New leadership
  12. No nonsense leader
  13. New leader. New direction
  14. A leader who listens
  15. Proven leadership
  16. Leadership matters
  17. Responsible leadership
  18. Leadership you know and value
  19. Local Leader
  20. New leadership for a brighter future
  21. Seasoned leader
  22. Time for a new generation of leaders to step up
  23. Dedicated proven leadership

Experience, Trust Top

These political campaign slogans establish trust through experience to your voters.

  1. Your trusted friend
  2. Trusted experience
  3. Leadership, Experience, Values means something
  4. Getting me elected means getting leadership, experience, honesty
  5. Vote (name) most experienced, proven performance, genuinely cares
  6. Vote (name) excellence through experience
  7. Re-elect (name) experience counts
  8. (name) (position) experienced, mature, electable
  9. When (name) makes decisions they are of integrity, honesty, and experience
  10. Decisions made from integrity, honesty, and experience
  11. You have integrity, honesty, and experience when you vote for (Name).
  12. You the voter have integrity, honesty, and experience when you vote for (Name) for (Office)
  13. Sustaining the quality of (Place) through integrity, honesty, and experience.
  14. Put experience on our side
  15. Most qualified
  16. Let my experience work for you
  17. Progress you know
  18. Service to our country. Service to you
  19. A veteran who cares
  20. Has served our country now ready to serve you
  21. Experienced. Fair. Dedicated to Justice.
  22. The right experience, the right choice
  23. Principles. Integrity. Experience
  24. Seasoned Leader
  25. Vote for experience
  26. Experienced, Fair, and dedicated
  27. The right man with the right experience
  28. Experience where it counts
  29. Dedicated proven leadership
  30. Experienced, dependable, honest
  31. Qualified and ready for the job

Town, Community Top

These campaign election slogans show that you are a candidate dedicated to your community and the people in it.

  1. Focused on what counts, the people
  2. (Name) for (office) common sense with the people’s common goals
  3. Elect (Name) for (office) to represent the students teachers and patrons
  4. Elect a sheriff for all the people
  5. Vote (name) the people’s choice
  6. A vote for me is a vote for you
  7. Vote (name) committed to the community: dedicated to progress
  8. Holding true to what (Place) values
  9. I’m not running for office, I’m running for you.
  10. Prosperity for (place) families
  11. Our children deserve better
  12. Carrying out what the people of (place) wants
  13. Your loyal civil servant
  14. Your neighbor wants to work for you
  15. Running for my family and yours
  16. Neighborhoods first
  17. Family first
  18. Keeping the “public” in public service
  19. Protect our Streets
  20. Keeping our families/communities safe
  21. Working man’s voice
  22. Working for us
  23. Citizen not politician
  24. Were in this together
  25. On your team
  26. Your voice in (Place)
  27. Native knows best
  28. Natives know best
  29. Local leader
  30. Hometown born and raised
  31. I know (Place)
  32. Clean up our city
  33. Now is your time
  34. Caring for the community
  35. The people’s choice
  36. A name you know
  37. Securing our jobs
  38. The new game in town
  39. A man of the people, for the people
  40. Focused on you
  41. Working for all citizens of (Place)
  42. Protect your family, your property, and your future
  43. A sheriff for all people
  44. Putting you first
  45. Committed to community, dedicated to progress
  46. Justice for all of us
  47. So you will be heard
  48. To represent the students, teachers, and patrons

Choice, Vote, Elect Top

These campaign slogans encourage your voters to get out and vote for you! These are confident slogans that demonstrate your strength and leadership as a candidate.

  1. Make your vote count
  2. If you want the best, you have ot vote for the best
  3. The choice is yours
  4. Vote for (Name)! It’s easier than thinking
  5. If voting for me is wrong, then you don’t want to be right (Name) (Office)
  6. If you want success, vote for the best (Name) (Position)
  7. Elect Leadership, Elect a better (Office), Elect (Name)
  8. Vote (Name) for (Office) , (Name) is eager to work, your eager for results
  9. Getting me elected means getting results
  10. Getting me elected means leadership, experience, and honesty
  11. Vote (Name) for (Office)  - strong leadership means a secure future
  12. Elect (Name)  ethically, with integrity serving all
  13. Elect (name) a calm voice of reason
  14. Vote (Name) most experienced, proven performance, who genuinely cares
  15. Elect (Name) for (Office) to represent the students, teachers and patrons
  16. Re-elect (Name) excellence in education, and value for taxpayers
  17. Vote (Name) excellence through experience
  18. Elect (Name) a sheriff for all the people
  19. (Name) reminds you to early vote: Republican today!
  20. Elect (name) time for a new generation of leaders to step up
  21. Re-elect (Name) experience where it counts
  22. It’s time for progress, Vote (Name) for (Office)
  23. Elect (Name) a good leader must be a great servant
  24. Elect (Name) common sense makes good government
  25. Vote (Name) for truth, honesty, and integrity
  26. Vote (Name) the people’s choice
  27. A vote for you is a vote for me
  28. Vote (Name) committed to the community, dedicated to progress
  29. Elect (Name) Leadership for all people
  30. Vote (Name) make justice strong
  31. Your decision for better results
  32. The choice for better change
  33. The educator’s choice
  34. Vote for tomorrow
  35. Your conservative choice
  36. The choice for change
  37. Vote today for a better tomorrow
  38. The people’s choice
  39. The responsible choice
  40. Vote for experience

School/Law Enforcement Top

These political campaign slogans are great for candidates seeking an elected position in law enforcement, or the school system.

  1. (Name) build learning, build character
  2. You value education, business, and family. We value your vote
  3. Our children deserve better
  4. Education makes options.  (Name) makes results
  5. Protect our streets
  6. Stop the violence
  7. Keeping our families/communities safe
  8. Stop the sprawl
  9. Enforcing education
  10. Give more than apples to our teachers
  11. Save our schools
  12. Building educational momentum
  13. Uphold the law. Respect the people
  14. Courageous. Independent. Tough on crime
  15. Protect your family, your property, and your future
  16. A sheriff for all the people
  17. Keep a grip on crime
  18. Justice for all of us
  19. To represent the students, teachers, and patrons
  20. Every kid, every school

Other Top

These campaign election slogans give a well balanced dose of experience, common sense solutions, hope for the future and justice.

  1. Energy, enthusiasm, excellence
  2. One goal, one passion
  3. The man/woman with a plan
  4. No nonsense politics
  5. A candidate who cares
  6. There is no could, just can
  7. Decisive, determined, and Dependable
  8. Yes we can!
  9. The right man for the job
  10. We still have a dream
  11. Nobody’s done more
  12. She wins, we win
  13. Integrity Counts
  14. The help you need
  15. Defending our values
  16. Morals matter
  17. Your efficient clerk
  18. Serving with excellence
  19. Character counts
  20. The right person, at the right time, for the right reason
  21. Common sense approach to growth
  22. Stop the growth
  23. Common sense solutions
  24. The green choice
  25. Uniter not a divider
  26. Not an insider
  27. Now is the time
  28. Ready, willing, able
  29. For a better economy
  30. Protecting your tax dollars
  31. Keeping your taxes low
  32. For fair assessment
  33. Justice with dignity
  34. Restoring faith
  35. Bridging the gap one step at a time
  36. Right person for the right reason
  37. Continuing to maintain our quality of life
  38. Common Sense means good government
  39. Working with you, for a change
  40. Because principles matter
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