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  YARD SIGNS (campaign sign options)

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Poly Coated
Poster Boards

Poly-coated poster boards are thick poster boards (24pt mostly) that have an Ultra Violet and weather resistant coating to protect it from the weather. These signs are typically the most economical of the signs. While these signs are weather resistant, you may not be able to collect all of them and reuse them. They handle inclement weather but may curl at the corners with extended periods of rain. These signs may have scoring where you fold and then staple them before placing the signs on the frame. These are also the most time consuming to put together though.

Signs such as these, that have to be stapled, come in many sizes. The most common sign is 14" x 22" at its folded size and tend to be slightly smaller than other signs.This may be a positive or negative thing for your campaign, therefore there is a poly coated poster board sign that has the convenience of being pre-sealed so you do not have to staple. The signs come in 16" x 26" and have an economic price tag. This sign is one of the most popular signs available for political campaigns.



Poly Coated Poster Board Campaign Signs
Poly Coated Campaign Signs
Stapled Poly Coated

All of the poly coated poster board signs have an advantage over the others; there are far more color options available. Check out for more information.

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