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 YARD SIGNS (campaign sign options)
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Corrugated Signs

Corrugated signage is one of the most durable forms of outdoor campaign advertising available and is still economical. They will outlast poly coated cardboard signage and can be reused for future campaigns. Corrugated plastic will also stand-up to rain and bad weather during your campaign.

Corrugated plastic, sometimes referred to as coroplast®, is essentially a plastic form of cardboard. It has the internal fluting similar to cardboard box material, and corrugated plastic will be able to withstand more rain that poly coated poster boards, that has the tendency to sway over during high winds.

However, another downside to corrugated plastic signs is that the print will not be as crisp as poster board signs, due to the slight variations of the material because of the fluting. While still a great sign, you may notice lines in your artwork.

Corrugated Plastic Sign

Corrugated plastic comes in a variety of sizes, the most popular being the 18" x 24". This size will attract voters to your message. As far as ease of use, corrugated plastic can be bulky to move and weigh a lot. However, it is very easy to get the frame in and out of position. Check out for more information.

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