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  How to prepare a Yard Sign

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Color is Key

When you are deciding what colors to use, there are three things to consider: your budget, what your opponent is using, and what other campaigns in the area are using.

You want your campaign signs to stand out so you do not want to choose the same color as your opponent or the same as all the other candidates in the area.

What color/colors should I use? With one color and two color signs, contrasting colors are more effective. Blue and white and red and white are examples of good color contrasts with one color. Green is good, but if you have a lot of green grass the signs will not be as noticeable. Purple is bold and is great with white.
The decision to use a single color or multiple colors will most likely depend on your budget. Multiple colors are more costly than using a single color, although using only one color will limit your design options.

With two colors, you are able to maximize the effectiveness of the white space and fully utilize the two colors to make a strong sign. When using two colors, make sure that they have a good visible contrast. For example, a green background with blue text would not be an effective visible contrast.

You can also create a type of “brand awareness” for your campaign by developing a unique color scheme that is synonymous with your name.


When you choose a color scheme that is specific to your campaign, it allows you and your issues to be represented.  Much like red, white and blue bring strong and spontaneous feelings, you are communicating with your voters by associating a specific color scheme with your campaign.

Going with Red, White, and Blue theme?  This is by and large, the most common campaign sign color theme.  It may be important to you to use patriotic colors. One way to use the old glory colors but be slightly different is to choose maroon and navy as opposed to royal blue and red as a way to standout.

Color is important and sometimes overlooked so consider all your options before deciding. It is also an effective marketing tool that many candidates neglect to use.

At, the professionals can assist you in getting effective color schemes.

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