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Designing Your Palm Card

A clean professional design is key in the lay-out of all election material, but is even more important with campaign cards. If voters don't look at your advertising materials, you have wasted your money.

We recommend making the front of the push card focused on the campaign themes only. By simply adding your photo, your name and office sought, and your three to five campaign points, the voter can see what is most important. If you have their attention, your hope is to have them turn over the card and see the rest.

Decide how your information will best fit the 3.5" x 8.5". Your election card can go vertically or horizontally. See examples shown at

On the back, your more detailed campaign information can be layed out. We try to use at least a 10-12 point font for the bullet points at Not fitting? Be more concise and remove unnecessary points. Remember to use simple sentences and minimize jargon.

Too many words and minimal white space makes your palm card hard to read. Readability is crucial, and too much text, small font size, poor contrasting colors and hard to read fonts will negatively affect readability.



How Much Graphics and Photos should fill a card.
Palm Card Example Landscape

Choosing contrasting colors for your palm card is also important to the design. For instance, a blue background with white text will get more attention than a green background with blue text.

With a custom professional design, your palm card will attract voters. Using bold colors and design will show you are a serious candidate for elected office.

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